(St.) Michael Crooked Lane

(St.) Michael Crooked Lane
   On the east side of St. Michael's Lane or Crooked Lane, as it is named in some maps (Elmes, 1831). In Candlewick Ward. The parish extends into Bridge Ward Within.
   Earliest mention: "St. Michael Candelwestrete," 55 H. III. (Anc. Deeds, A. 2023).
   Other names and forms of names : "St. Michael Candelwrihtstrate," 56 H. III. (ib. A. 2045). "St. Michael Candelwykestrete," 1275 (Cal. L. Bk. B. p. 256). "St. Michael. de Crokedelane," 10 Ed. I. 1281-2 (Cal. L. Bk. A. p. 153). "St. Michael towards London. Bridge," 1283 (Ct. H.W. I. 66). "St. Michael de la Crokedelane," 1323-4 (Ct. H.W. I. 307). "St. Michael atte Crokedelane," 1324 (Cal. P.R. Ed. II. 1321-4, p. 413). "St. Michael in Crokelane," 1340-1 (Ct. H.W. I. 443). "St. Michael en le Crokedlane," 1361 (Ct. H.W. II. 71).
   There was a chapel to St. Mary in the Church 1368 (Ct. H.W. II. 117) and another chapel in the churchyard, 1351 (ib. I. 653), called "Trinite Chapell" in (Arnold's Chron. p. 254, 1500-1521).
   Stow says that the church existing in his time was built by John Lofken, stock fishmonger, who was Mayor 1348, 1358, 1365 and 1366, the previous church being much smaller and only occupying the site of what was the parsonage house in Stow's time (S. 220). It appears from the Ct. of Hustings Wills II. 117, that John Lovekyn was buried before the altar in the middle of St. Mary's Chapel in the church of St. Michael.
   Sir Wm. Walworth built the Quire and side Chapels and founded in the church a College for a master and 9 priests or Chaplains (S. 220-2). Referred to in Cal. L. Bk. I. pp. 283 and 285.
   The cemetery was enlarged 16 Rich. II. 1392 (Cal. P.R. Rich. II. 1391-6, p. 119).
   The steeple was built 1501 (S. 223).
   Repaired and beautified 1610 and roof rebuilt of timber 1621. Destroyed in the Fire 1666 and rebuilt 1688. Beautified and steeple finished 1698 (Strype, ed. 1720, I.ii.185).
   South Ile or chapel called the Fishmongers' Chapel (ib. 187).
   Bequest for its weekly cleaning, 1662, in Will of John Cooke (End. Ch. Rep. 1903, p. 10).
   A Rectory. Patrons : Prior and convent of Christ Church, Canterbury, afterwards the Archbishop of Canterbury. A peculiar under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop.
   Church removed under Act of Parliament of 1830 for the formation of the approaches to the new London Bridge, and services performed in it for the last time on March 20th, 1831. The parish is united to St. Magnus the Martyr.
   The greater portion of the site is occupied by the roadway of King William Street.
   In 17 Chas. II. there were certain houses in the parish with a cloister known as "The College" belonging to the parish, but they do not seem now to exist (End. Ch. Rep. 1903, pp. 7 and 8).
   Two pointed arches in the Wall bounding the churchyard of St. Michael brought to light by the demolition of surrounding buildings in 1831 suggest the remains of an old crypt of the 12th century. They seem to lie too far east to occupy the site of the original church, but might possibly be the crypt of the mansion called the Leaden Porch (Gent. Mag. Lib. XVI. pp. 55 and 56).
   After the removal of this church for the formation of the approaches to the New London Bridge the ground was opened for the construction of a sewer in 1831, and argillaceous earth, native earth, was found at a depth of 17 ft., and 20 ft. deeper, through a stratum of red gravel, the blue clay was found (Arch. XXV. 601-2). A Roman pavement 14 ft. square was found under the site of the church at a depth of 10 ft. (ib., and XXIV.). On the southern boundary of St. Michael's Churchyard, an urn and coins were taken out of the natural loam at a depth of 17 ft. The natural gravel bed below was intersected with holes and square pits, probably cess-pools (ib.).

A Dictionary of London. . 1918.

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